Make calls safely with Perun PROTECTOR, EU-tested and certified protection from mobile phone radiation.

Protector contains a mixture of crystals of natural minerals in a UV resistant polyurethane resin that meets the high requirements of the RohS standard.

Radius of influence is minimum 1 meter

It does not interfere with the function of the device or weaken the telephone battery.

Shelf life unlimited.

The protective effect of Perun PROTECTOR was confirmed by independent research laboratory of Institute BION Slovenia, EU. The team of experts conducted scientific research on multiple test groups. During the testing researchers monitored volunteers’ physiological parameters before usage, during calling and after the call was finished. The test results showed that Perun PROTECTOR has a significant protective effect on the human body and as such it was got certificate No. 0250 in 2019.

The use of Perun PROTECTOR strengthens and harmonizes the human biofield and reduces the negative biological effects of a wide range of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. It prevents further accumulation of electrosmog in body and enables uninterrupted flow of bioenergy through the whole body.


We have prepared for you Perun PROTECTOR in 9 colors and Premium Collection, Gold and Silver

Choose from the proven and choose the best for yourself and your loved ones.