Bach flower test and treatment (45 min)


Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, came to the conclusion that the disease is the result of disturbed harmony between the soul and the body, and that the symptoms of the disease are only an external expression of a negative emotional state.

He considered that no disease was happening by chance. He believed that plants can transmit information and experience about survival in the environment and that they are the ones that contribute to the elimination of our emotional and mental conflicts in a completely natural way.

Dr. Bach identified 38 flower essences that cover all possible states in which a person can be.

The basis of the treatment of Bach drops is the transfer of energy from plants to the drops. The energy record of individual plant influences your body in a way that restores your inner balance and at the same time facilitates the transformation of negative patterns of emotional states into positive ones.

By BICOM bioresonance testing, you will discover which is the optimal combination of Bach essences for you. The frequencies of Bach essences will gently restore the internal balance of your body and this will make you happy.

The advantage of this type of determination is the absence of subjectivity in the choice of essence.

In addition, we use the frequencies of Bach essences with BICOM treatments. Through the applicator, we send the frequencies of Bach essences into your body and thus achieve the same beneficial effect as when you take drops.


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