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It’s time for an iris


If the old legend is to be believed, the very place where Perun, the supreme god of the Old Slavs, throws his lightning and where the rainbow touches the earth, is the place where the iris is born. So it is not surprising that the iris can  be described as the flower worthy of gods.

Even the name Iris germanica is in direct connection with the Greek goddess Irida, who transmitted the messages of the gods from the heavenly heights and roamed the sky with a rainbow. Therefore, this flower represented a kind of magical connection between heaven and earth.

Thanks to such a powerful legend, the iris has become a symbol of hope, faith and deep respect.

Many royal families used this flower as a kind of personal symbol. Fleur-de-lis thus became the national symbol of France, and the iris, along with lilies, became the most frequently used flower in heraldry. Also, we can add a part of the Asian tradition that recognizes iris as a symbol of the so-called blue blood. In Japan, it is a symbol of victory. It is interesting that in the Far East, iris is also taken as a powerful flower of defense, which not only protects the home and the household from negative energy, but at the same time defends the person inside, ennobles the soul and relaxes the body.

The appearance of the iris itself is also associated with openness and clarity. The leaves bear the sharpness of a sword and are a clear sign of sharpness, and a flower that hides almost nothing is a symbol of truth and sincerity.

Don’t close your eyes to the truth – it says iris, a flower of hope, wisdom and friendship.

Maybe now an iris will be your first choice when you want to communicate a message to someone.

White iris chastity and goodness, yellow passion and lust, blue faith and hope and purple wisdom and seriousness

Stay healthy

Your Perun PROTECT