Fit and Healthy Body I

(10 weeks)


The program for a Fit and Healthy Body is  carefully designed and tested nutrition-bioresonance program adapted to each diet and as such is unique in the territory of Serbia.

Fit and Healthy Body 1 includes:

  • Analysis of your body composition on the Inbody270
  • Bio-energetic check  state of your  body
  • Food intolerance test, over 300 samples
  • Vitamin and mineral test
  • Test for bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Test for Bach drops
  • Test of energy centres
  • Dietary recommendations
  • 10 BICOM treatments
  • 3 control measurements on the Inbody270 analyser

You will get accurate information about about energetic states of your organs, tissues and cells, classified degree of existing stresses and its possible causes, what type of food is responsible for the possible slowing down of your metabolism, weight gain, bloating and bad mood. Based on the results, we design a diet plan for you, and with BICOM treatments we will speed up the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and establish balance in the intestines. We will remove energy blockages; detox programs will activate the excretory organs to eliminate toxins from your body as easily as possible. Treatment with Bach essences will be of great help to avoid consuming food due to emotional hunger.


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