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Certified protection from mobile phones radiation

It's hard to imagine the life of modern human without a mobile phone, isn’t it?


You probably know that mobile telephony transmits speech and data via electromagnetic (EM) waves that are emitted and received by antennas on the base stations and antennas of your mobile phone.

Do you know what nerves are? Nerves are actually your antennas that conduct various stimuli and frequencies from the environment to the brain.

The body is a system, where each cell performs its function perfectly, forming strong and homogeneous biofield. Due to numerous external and internal factors, this function can be impaired and the effects of the negative impact on your body are first visible at the level of the biofield.

Base stations 5G, 4G, 3G…, mobile phones, tablets, computers, WiFi routers, smart watches, wireless headphones and other wireless communication devices are various sources of EM radiation. Actually, it is electrosmog in our living and working environment. These devices can lead to biofield imbalances. For more information visit EM Radiation

How many times have you wondered if and what impact the use of a mobile phone can have on your body?


Interestingly, most people think that they are only exposed to radiation of the base station and do not think about whether and how much their device radiates.

This was also demonstrated by the research LEXNET Project, from November 2012 to October 2015, in which Telekom Serbia participated together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. The LEXNET project (Low EMF Exposure Networks) is a research project supported by the European Commission under the FP7 work program, to develop effective mechanisms to reduce 50% (at least) of the public exposure to EMF, without compromising the quality of service.  For more information visit:

Project participants say that in the conditions of a bad signal, one 'dash' on the phone, a person receives a dose of radiation from his phone in a very short time, which he has not received from the base station for several years. Source: B92 How much do mobile phones "radiate" and how can we protect ourselves?

It is good to know that there are international organizations, such as the World Health Organization and the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection, that deal with the impact of EM radiation on people.

The World Health Organization has listed cell phone radiation as one of the possible causes of cancer, group 2B. For more information visit: IARC PRESS RELEASE N° 208

In recent decades, tens of thousands of scientific articles dealing with this topic have been published. For more information, visit:

  1. Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones
  2. Mobile phones
  3. The International Agency for Research on Cancer: Media Centre – IARC News


Be aware that we cannot and don't want to ban our children from using modern communication devices, and in order for our children to use them as safely as possible, we have developed a product for protection against electrosmog. It originated from the knowledge and joint work of a M.Sc. biochemist and a M.Sc. electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in mobile telephone industry.  Our product has been scientifically tested in the EU and protected in the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia.

Our Perun PROTECTOR, your protection from mobile phones radiation

Protection against non-ionizing EM radiation
Certified protection
Certified protection
Scientifically confirmed protection from mobile phones radiation in the EU
Contains a mixture of crystals of natural minerals
Intellectual property
Intellectual property
Protector is protected intellectual property

Perun PROTECTOR is an EMF protective sticker. It contains  mixture of crystals of natural minerals in the resin that meets the high requirements of the RohS standard.


  • Radius of action 1 m.
  • It does not interfere with your phone’s function or drain the phone’s battery.
  • Shelf life unlimited.


Using Perun PROTECTOR, it strengthens and harmonises the human biofield and reduces the negative biological effects from all forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on the human organism. It prevents the further accumulation of electrosmog in the body and enables unhindered flow of bioenergy through the whole body, thus reducing the negative consequences caused by excessive exposure to EM radiation.

The protective effect of Perun PROTECTOR was confirmed by scientific testing on volunteers in the manner of a clinical trial, by monitoring the physiological parameters of the subjects at the BION Ltd Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.

There, a team of experts conducted scientific research on multiple test groups, where some of them were given a device with Perun PROTECTOR, whereas others were given a device with fake protector.

During the testing, researchers followed the effects of mobile phone on the human body, before, during and after the usage.

Testing was performed to measure the response of human body of each tested individual, following the values of their different physiological parameters: heart rate – ECG, muscle activity – EMG, body and fingers temperature, skin conductance, breathing etc.

They did several clinical tests with next four common rules:

  • prospectiveness (general criteria for the efficiency of the protector’s activity are determined in advance);
  • placebo effect ruled out (none of the testees should know whether they are exposed to the protector’s influence or not, preferably they did not even know what to expect);
  • double-blind manner (neither the testees, nor the assistant working with them did not know whether he/she was exposed to the real protector or to the control one);
  • randomization (the decisions about control and real tests are made randomly).

Test results have shown that our Perun PROTECTOR has  significant protective effect on the human organism. Institute BION which conducted the testing has issued the certificate for protective influence under the number 0250 for the year 2019.

For more information on test results, visit the Test Report.

Protector is protected in the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia under registration number 11380.

Our product is optimized for easy application on your electronic devices (laptop/mobile phone/tablet).


Do you need radiation protection?

If you have ever been in a situation, thought or said:

  • My phone is my alarm clock
  • Mobile is my means of work and I cannot function without it.
  • I fell asleep again with the phone in my hands.
  • When I talk a little longer, my ear warms up.
  • I am constantly tired or listless.
  • I have insomnia.
Then Perun PROTECTOR is just for you.
Stick the protector on your device and prevent further accumulation of electrosmog. Your body will be grateful to you.

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