Scientifically Confirmed and Certified Protection from 5G Radiation.

Reduces the negative biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.



Certified protection against 5G radiation.


Perun BIOSFERA II, a functional sculpture, provides protection from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EM) in the living and working space. It reduces the negative biological effects of a wide spectrum of non-ionizing EM radiation.

The protective effect of the action was confirmed by scientifically testing on volunteers in the manner of a clinical examination, by monitoring the physiological parameters of the subjects. Certificate no. 702 in 2023. Institute BION Ltd, Slovenia, EU.

Using Perun BIOSPHERE II, the human biofield is strengthened and harmonized. The product reduces the negative biological effects of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It prevents further accumulation of electrosmog in the body and enables the uninterrupted flow of bioenergy through the entire body.



Perun BIOSPHERE II is a wooden sphere filled with with a gemstone mixture.

  • Radius of influence 9 m.
  • The shelf life is unlimited.
  • Walls do not interfere with the device’s performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fits into any space.
  • Does not affect the functionality of electronic devices.
  • No harmful side effects.
  • Portable

It is placed in the space where you spend most of your time. By placing the Perun BIOSPHERE II in the central place in the apartment, the maximum surface area will be under protective action. Orientation in space is not important. Glass can negatively affect the performance of the product. It is recommended not to place the product in glass containers and glass showcases.


WEIGHT: ~ 280 g

DIMENSIONS: irregular sphere with a diameter of 8 cm

WOOD: mix oak, ash, American walnut, beech, walnut

It is important to note that the natural color of wood varies, and that the same wood can have different shades. That’s why every Perun BIOSPHERE II is unique. In contact with air and sunlight, wood oxidizes, so light wood becomes darker, and darker wood becomes lighter.









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