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The world around us is full of advertisements where young girls tell their successful stories how they came to such  beautiful and fit body with the help of miracle pills, magic teas and fast diets.

How many times have you reached for those instant solutions and the result was missing or short-lived?

What do you think about reaching your beautiful and slender body in a simple and healthy way? It sounds too easy and it is easy.

In front of you is the Fit and Healthy Body program,  carefully designed and proven nutrition-bioresonance program. A program tailored just for you, with the goal of reaching your optimal weight in a simple and healthy way without starvation. As a bonus, you will get in energy balanced body.

The program is unique on the territory of Serbia and is adapted to every type of your eating habits, whether you eat according to the principles of macrobiotics, vegetarianism, you are vegan or you consume all kinds of foods.

The process of change begins when someone truly listens to you. In order for the change to begin, be open in conversation with our nutritionist and BICOM therapist and express all your worries and doubts.

The key to health is in you and we are here to help you reach your goal more easily.


Fit and Healthy Body Program Includes:

Analysis of your body composition on the Inbody270

Inbody270, a medical measuring device, provides a detailed analysis of the composition of your body.  Accuracy of 98% correlated with DEXA method of measuring bone density. Uses simultaneous multifrequency impedance measurement (SMF-BIA).

Test on the BICOM BodyCheck2 device

The BICOM BodyCheck2 is a non-invasive, complementary medical analysis system that scans, analyzes and depicts the energetic state of your body.

The device provides information about energetic states of your organs, tissues and cells, classified degree of existing stresses and determines its possible causes.

Food intolerance test

On the BICOM bioresonance device, without taking blood and waiting for the results, we will find out the foods that best suit your body and diet.

You will get information about  type of food that is responsible for the possible slowing down of the metabolism, weight gain, bloating as well as bad mood.

Test 5 elements

According to Chinese medicine, your whole body can be described with the help of a cycle of 5 elements: water, air, fire, wood and earth. Each of these five elements is attributed with different properties and each binds to different organs and meridians. Disorders in the cycle can affect your health. By testing we will find out if there is an imbalance in the cycle of 5 elements and with the help of BICOM treatment you will re-establish balance.

Energy center test

When you are healthy, life energy flows freely through your body and energy centers, chakras. Due to stress, functional disorders in the work of an organ or emotional trauma, the flow of energy can be blocked or disrupted. Testing will detect the presence of blockages and BICOM treatments will remove them.

Test for Bach drops

Bach drops gently restore the internal balance of your emotions. This balance makes you happy and healthy. Based on the test results, you will receive a recommendation for the right mixture of Bach drops.

Vitamin and mineral test

On the BICOM bioresonance device, we will check your vitamin-mineral status, determine do you need supplementation and if needed which vitamin-mineral supplements are optimal for your body.

BICOM treatments

Based on the test results, we are making a plan with accompanying instructions. With BICOM treatments, we will speed up the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. We will:

- remove energy blockages,

- activate the excretory organs with special detox programs to easily eliminate the accumulated toxins from your body,

- anti-stress program will be of great help to avoid consuming food due to emotional hunger.

We are tailoring a diet plan just for you and we are supporting your change process.

Is the Fit and Healthy Body program for you?

If you ever thought or said:
  • I want to feel good in my body
  • I want to lose weight in a healthy way and I have no idea where to start
  • I want to be like the model in commercials
  • I am in a vicious circle… dissatisfaction-food-pounds
  • My closet is full of things I can't but I want to wear
Then the Fit and Healthy Body Program is just for you.
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The program was created by Ivan Runtic and has been successfully implemented for many years.

The future of treating people lies in a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. We are not waiting for the future, but we are living it now and sharing it with you.

Years of dedicated training in the field of complementary medicine, BICOM bioresonance, nutrition and dietetics both in Serbia and abroad are behind Ivan.

Most importantly, our nutritionist, Ivan Runtic gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the latest developments in these areas and to reach your desired goal in a safe way.

  1. Nutritionist-dietitian
  2. Certified BICOM therapist
  3. 10+ years of experience

Let's Summarize...

The Fit and Healthy Body program is a carefully designed and tested nutritional-bioresonance program tailored just for you, with the goal of achieving optimal weight and psycho-physical balance in a simple and healthy way and without starvation. The duration of the program is individual and depends on your condition and the desired goal.

The program is unique in Serbia and adapted to all diets.

3 Steps to The Goal

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Step 1<br/><br/><b>Testing</b>
Step 1

Body composition analysis. Testing on a BICOM device.
Step 2<br/><br/><b>BICOM treatments</b>
Step 2

BICOM treatments
Based on the test results, we design a special plan for you.
Step 3<br/><br/><b>Follow the recommendations</b>
Step 3

Follow the recommendations
The key to health and success is in you.
The goal<br/><br/><b> Fit and Healthy Body </b>
The goal

Fit and Healthy Body

Story Of Success

Krstic Ekatarina’s story

The pounds have melted, I breathe with full lungs and I wake up happy and energetic again.

For more than 5 years I could not walk normally on the street due to pollen allergy. Everything I ate would "stick" where it shouldn't. I turned to allergists, pulmonologists and nutritionists in Serbia and Austria for help, but there was no progress.

During 4 months with BICOM treatments, Ivan "cleansed" my body of toxins, parasites and allergies without any medication. During that period, I followed the recommended diet plan and the pounds disappeared without much trouble.

Now I breathe without interruption, my eyes are no longer watery and red, my throat does not itch, I have no redness on my skin and I can finally eat everything without stomach pain. In addition, I lost 5 kg for less than 2 months and I wake up every day with significantly  more energy.

If you have similar health problems, I am sure that you will find a solution at the Center Perun PROTECT.

Ekatarina Krstic

HR manager


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Be proud of Your Fit and Healthy body.

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