BICOM bioresonance. The Best Way for Your Psycho-Physical Balance.

We have not met anyone who would not want to feel better. Did you?

For that reason, we want to introduce you to a new direction in medicine based on the latest achievements of biophysics, the BICOM bioresonance method.

undisturbed cellular communication

Perhaps this method can give you a chance to discover the real cause of your health problems and allow you to “fight” against them without negative side effects. 

Let's start from the beginning.

The organism is a system, where each cell performs its function perfectly. In order for the system to run properly, it is necessary that cells are able to communicate with each other. In healthy body, this exchange of information functions smoothly and easy, so every cell or every part of the body can fulfil its task. In addition, human body has great self-healing potential.

Remember, matter is compressed of energy and it emits energy.


It follows that every substance and therefore every cell, every part of the body but also viruses, bacteria, pollen ... emit energy and therefore have  highly specific frequency with entirely individual characteristics.  We use to call it frequency patterns.

disturbed cellular communication

We live in an age of communication and information and it is time to understand the fact that the body can only function and regulate itself due to communication and exchange of information between different cells in the body. It has been proven that cells communicate with each other by "flashes of light". They exchange information via certain frequencies.

This exchange of information functions unhindered in healthy body. Each cell or part of the body can fulfil its task.

If interfering substances like toxins, viruses, bacteria, allergens… or stress-inducing radiation are able to affect the body, their disruptive frequency patterns can in turn impede communication between cells.

If communication between cells is disturbed, this will, of course, prevent those cells from functioning properly and we see evidence of this to varying degrees through non-specific disturbed wellbeing, physical exhaustion, chronic fatigue and later through changes at organ level and related symptoms as well.

With BICOM device, the typical frequency pattern of substances can be recorded and their effect on your body determined. This is carried out very quickly and entirely painlessly. Consequently, it is possible in many cases to discover which stress factorsare at the base ofyour illness (e.g. bacteria, viruses, electrosmog, allergens…)

In our center, using BICOM bioresonsnce testing, we will discover what exactly is burdening your organism, what kind of food and additives your body is intolerant. Also, we will check the presence of energy blockages, stress, toxins in the body, how your energy centres function, whether you need Bach drops and which ones…
Most of the loads detected during the test, can be removed, with good plan of BICOM treatments. That's great news, isn't it?

During the treatment, the BICOM device uses frequency patterns taken from your body or a substance that burdens your body. The device separates them into healthy-harmonic and pathological-disharmonious waves.

Healthy waves in the BICOM device can be amplified and sent back to body in order to strengthen the body. Pathological waves the device turns into healthy, and as such sends them back to body to erase electromagnetic recorded interfering factors.

In this way, the bad effects of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, heavy metals and other loads from your body are eliminated.

In addition, BICOM treatments stimulate body's own regulatory systems for self-healing and bring your body back to balance. That is the essence of health.

The beginning of the change is an open conversation with our BICOM therapist. Please express all your worries and doubts. Honest and open conversation is the key of success.


BICOM bioresonance program includes:

Testing on BICOM Optima and BICOM BodyCheck2 devices

The test does not include taking blood samples and includes:

  • bio-energetic check  state of your  body
  • food intolerance test
  • test for additives, preservatives, food colours
  • inhalation allergen test
  • environmental load test (EMF, geopathic stress….)
  • test for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
  • test of energy centres
  • test 5 elements
  • Bach flowers test

BICOM BodyCheck2
BICOM BodyCheck2

We will get:

  • information about the energetic states of your organs, tissues and cells. The device classifies the degree of existing stresses and determines its possible causes.
  • what type of food is responsible for the possible slowing down of your metabolism, weight gain, bloating and bad mood
  • what burdens your body (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, allergens, radiation, etc.)
  • the presence of energy blockages. When you are healthy, life energy flows freely through your body and energy centers, chakras. Due to stress, dysfunction of an organ or emotional trauma, the flow of energy can be blocked.
  • the presence of  imbalance in the cycle of 5 elements. According to Chinese medicine, the whole body can be described with the cycle of 5 elements: water, air, fire, wood and earth. Each of the 5 elements is attributed with different properties, every organ belongs to an element and disorders in the cycle can affect health.
  • which combination of Bach drops is optimal for your body. Bach drops gently restore the internal balance of the body and soul, it makes you happy and healthy.
BICOM treatments

Based on the test results, we will propose for you the most optimal treatment plan and accompanying measures in order to eliminate the load, restore balance and activate the self-healing forces of your body.

Is BICOM bioresonance for you??

If you have ever felt, thought or said:

  • I am constantly tired or listless
  • I want stronger immunity
  • I have allergies
  • I want to know the cause of my health problems
  • I want to detoxify my body in a tested and healthy way
  • Candida infections are frequent
Then the BICOM bioresonance program is just for you.

Through the program with a certified BICOM therapist

Some say that the future of treatments lies in multidisciplinary and holistic approach. We are not waiting for the future; we are living it now and sharing it with you.

Your and our professional nutritionist-dietitian Ivan Runtić is also a B.Sc. ing. electrical engineer as well as a certified BICOM therapist. In addition, in the last 10 years he has been diligently improving in the field of quantum medicine both in the country and in the world. (trainings in the Serbian Medical Association, Quanttes Association, international seminars and world congresses on bioresonance)

Most importantly, today, Ivan is support for people like you, who are on the path of psycho-physical balance.

  1. 10+ years of experience
  2. Certified BICOM therapist
  3. 1000+ types of testing

What clients say

Stories of Success of our clients

Let's Summarize…

BICOM bioresonance is  special diagnostic and therapeutic program in the field of quantum medicine and is based on the latest advances in biophysics. BICOM treatments do not cure diseases, but help you to reactivate self-healing processes and bring the body into balance. The duration of the program is individual and depends on your condition and on the desired goal.

The program includes: bio-energetic check  state of your  body, food intolerance test (additives, preservatives, food colours), supplementation test and recommendation, test of loads like bacteria, parasites and viruses, inhalation allergen test, 5 element test, energy center test and balancing, Bach drops test and recommendation, BICOM bioresonance treatments and your personal plan for the change.

3 Steps to The Goal

Start Your Journey Today
Step 1<br/><br/><b>Testing</b>
Step 1

Without taking blood and waiting for the results, you will find out what is burdening your body.
Step 2<br/><br/><b>BICOM treatments</b>
Step 2

BICOM treatments
In a safe and efficient way, you return your body to psycho-physical balance.
Step 3<br/><br/><b>Follow the recommendations</b>
Step 3

Follow the recommendations
The key to health and success is in you. We are here to help you reach your desired goal.
The goal<br/><br/><b>Enjoy your health</b>
The goal

Enjoy your health
We want you to feel good and stay healthy!

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