BICOM treatments (60 min)


Detoxification is useful process that can help you to flush out toxic substances from your body. Combining detoxification procedures with BICOM treatments, results can be greatly enhanced, and the body can be restored on more levels of functionality and contribute to overall well-being.

With BICOM bioresonance treatments, the body is given an impulse to which it should react. The right impulse triggers a chain of biochemical reactions in the body which activate the organism’s powers of self-healing to take countermeasures against the cause of the disorder.

BICOM treatments are very successful in:

  • allergies of all kinds (asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema),
  • weight reduction
  • strengthening the immune system,
  • loads of electrosmog, radiation,
  • loads of fungi, viruses, bacteria,
  • acute colds (nausea, flu),
  • diseases of the digestive and urinary tract,
  • pain in the joints and back,
  • healing of injury (burns, wounds, fractures),
  • chronic fatigue, depression, stress,
  • menopausal and other hormonal problems,
  • headaches, migraines.
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