BICOM bioresonance method is a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure which started as a new direction in medicine. The fundamentals of bioresonance methods are based on the latest achievements in biophysics. With the BICOM device, in many cases, the real, often hidden, causes of health problems can be discovered and treated in a safe and effective way.
This type of testing is not affected by food or medication. Testing is done without taking off clothes. It is recommended not to consume alcohol on the day of testing and to avoid strenuous physical work or training, if possible.
By testing you will discover what burdens your body, i.e. to what food and additives your body is intolerant. The presence of energy blockages, stress, toxins in your body, how your energy centres are functioning, whether and which Bach drops you need ... Most of the loads detected by testing can be nullified and removed with good planning with BICOM treatments.
BICOM treatments, as support, are suitable for all types of ailments, because they remove factors that interfere with the self-healing powers of the organism. BICOM treatments are very successful in: • weight reduction, • allergies of all kinds (asthma, allergic rhinitis), • strengthening the immune system, • acute colds (nausea, flu), • load of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites • radiation exposure, electrosmog • diseases of the digestive and urinary tract, • pain in the joints and back, • injuries (burns, wounds, fractures), • chronic fatigue, depression, stress, • menopausal and other hormonal problems, • headaches, migraines.
Thanks to the wide range of possibilities that the BICOM bioresonance method has, it is suitable for all ages, from small children to the elderly. Not recommended for: • people with medical implants such as a pacemaker or electronic maintenance and / or monitoring system, • people who have had an organ transplant, • people with schizophrenia, • pregnant women
Sit comfortably in the therapy chair next to the BICOM bioresonance device. Input and output applicators, connected to the device, are placed on your body. The applicators have the task to take over oscillations from your body and bring them to the device or to return the modified therapeutic oscillations from the device to the body.
The number of treatments is individual and depends on what goal you want to achieve as well as on your discipline in following the given recommendations.
Food intolerance is the occurrence of adverse reactions of the organism to some type of food or its ingredients, which occurs every time it is consumed. It occurs when the body is not able to tolerate certain type of food because it does not produce enough of certain chemical substances or enzymes that are necessary for their breakdown. Food intolerance is not the same as food allergy, because it does not activate the immune system, nor does it have the same mechanisms as food poisoning caused by bacteria toxins, viruses or parasites. Food intolerance does not imply psychological reactions to food.
It is recommended that you drink at least 1,5-2 litres of water with a low mineral content daily. Water is the carrier of information in your body. After the treatment, the water will support the detoxification process so that you can successfully expel toxins from the body. Avoid alcohol, coffee or black tea for at least 6-8 hours before and after treatment. Provide yourself with rest and sleep. Follow the therapist's instructions.
No side effects were observed from the perspective of classical medicine. Occasionally, fatigue may occur after treatment. Therefore, we recommend that you, if possible, rest for a while after the treatment.
Complete analysis of the composition of your body. Accuracy of 98% is correlated with DXA (Double X-ray analysis), gold-standard method. You will no longer have doubts whether your bones are "heavy" or "water is sticking" to you ... how heavy your muscles are and how much fat you have. This is a medical measuring device that uses two different frequencies 20kHz and 100kHz and 5 body segments: right arm, left arm, torso, right leg and left leg. It uses simultaneous multifrequency impedance measurement (SMF-BIA) and provides detailed analysis of your body composition.
In order for the results to be accurate, you will follow the procedure: • Stand upright for about 5 minutes before the measurement, as the measurement after lying down or sitting for a long time may result in slight changes in the test results. This happens because the water in the body goes to the lower parts of the body as soon as the person gets out of bed or chair. • Do not eat immediately before testing. In case the person has already eaten, the measurement should be postponed for at least two hours after the meal, because the weight of the ingested food enters the patient's weight and thus can cause a mistake. • All physiological needs should be performed before testing. • No need to exercise or perform heavy physical work before testing. If the person has already been physically active, there will be a temporary change in body composition, which could lead to less accurate results. • If possible, the measurement should be done in the morning. The water in the body gravitates towards the lower part of the body during the day, thus changing the test results. • Wipe your palms and feet well before testing. Testing can be difficult if the patient's palms and feet are dry, wet, or if the patient has too many blisters. • Measurement is done barefoot, for accurate reading, and keep in mind that socks, etc. should be removed before measurement.
• People with medical implants such as a pacemaker or electronic maintenance and / or tracking system. • Bioelectric Impedance (BIA) analysis uses safe low-level currents that cannot harm the body. However, measuring on pregnant women is not recommended. • People with any type of infectious disease or any injury on the palm of the hand or on the sole of the foot should not come into direct contact with the scale due to inaccurate measurements.
Perun PROTECTOR is a sticker with a proven radiation protection function for mobile phones. In order to confirm the protective effect of Perun protector on the human body scientific testing on volunteers in the manner of a clinical trial were conducted at the BION Ltd. Institute, Slovenia. Testing was performed by measuring the response of the tested subjects' bodies by monitoring the values of their various physiological parameters such as: skin pliability, heart rate, muscle activity, respiration, temperature and several other derived parameters. The test results showed that Perun PROTECTOR has a significant protective effect on the human body and as such it received certificate No. 0250 in 2019.
Perun PROTECTOR contains a mixture of crystals of natural minerals in the cast resin that strengthens and harmonizes the human biofield and thus reduces the negative biological effects of a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. The use of protectors prevents further accumulation of electrosmog in your body. Perun PROTECTOR does not reduce the radiation of mobile phones and other wireless communication devices. If this was the case, the function of the device would be impaired.