Change starts when someone truly listens to you. Let's begin now!

How many times have you imagined yourself that you are working and living from what you love? Also imagine that you are able to offer product which does good to people. It's wonderful, isn't it?

We dared. We are Biljana and Ivan Runtić and we are Perun PROTECT. We are here to help you discover the real cause of your health problems and to feel good again.

Our story begins with the desire to be an example for our children, to encourage them and show that a path based on love, knowledge, fair treatment and commitment is possible. Perun is a God and Perun PROTECT is our magic which we share with you. We'll tell you a secret. We have special connection with this Protector and God of thunder and sky. Great grandmother Perunika.

Our personal development and transformation from M.Sc. biochemists and M.Sc. electrical engineer through many management positions in corporations, to entrepreneurs, BICOM therapists and professional nutritionists - dieticians, are examples that nothing is final and that everything is possible and that dreams are achievable.

And was it easy? Uh… difficult question… Was it worth it? Look at those smiles on our faces.


The first step was made more than 10 years ago, by purchasing a BICOM bioresonance device just for us. That significant invest was investment in our health. It was a proof of faith how much this device can contribute to the health of our family.

In that period, I often used to say that my husband has the most expensive hobby in the world.

If you want to play the violin, just buying an instrument is not enough, do you agree? Guided by it, and thirsty for knowledge, we learn something new every day.

Numerous seminars, trainings and international congresses have been places where we meet wonderful people and some different way of life. To these wonderful people, it is not enough to say that we were strange, the two of us, who are coming from high positions in companies…but they accepted us with their hearts. It will turn out later that these people are our first and right addresses with whom we share our idea of Perun PROTECTOR.

We are proud of our product for protection against non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which has found its way beyond the borders of our country.

All this has led us today to help people like you, to feel good again and to return their body to psycho-physical balance in a safe and efficient way.

If you share our values, if you want us to be the ones who will truly listen to you or you just want to say "Hello", call or write to us.

We are glad if we can help. Our carefully designed programs for every age:

  1. nutritionism
  2. BICOM bioresonance
  3. protection against non-ionizing radiation

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