Living your own dreams while at the same time using your own knowledge for a creation of a product that does good to people, you will agree, is wonderful!

The following pages are presenting the dream that came true, of one biochemist and one electrical engineer.
More than a decade was necessary for the idea to mature, to gather enough information just for a story presentation to our friends in the beginning, and now we are sharing it with you as a product – Perun PROTECTOR.   Having the courage to step off the beaten track was the grain of crystallization for the start the development of our product. Many years of experience in the field of bio resonance and the cooperation with people with the same attitude and approach, was the catalyst in this process.

Do you know who Perun is?

Perun is the supreme god in Slavic mythology, he is the god of sky, thunder, lightning, storms, rain, law, war, fertility and oak trees. He is the overseer of right and order. In this region, we encounter traces of his name in the names of people, mountains, places and plants. He was imagined as a mature man with long beard, with a fiery stone, arrows or lightning in his hands.

This is how we see him.

In front of you is the EMF sticker with a scientifically confirmed protective function against the radiation of mobile phones. Our Perun PROTECTOR !

Why is it important to have protector from mobile phone radiation?

Let’s imagine the human organism at birth as an empty barrel. During our lifetime, our barrels are being filled with various toxins, additives, heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms, electro smog…

All of these are burdens to our organism, specially to our immune system. Any of the above mentioned burdens can lead to an overflow of the barrel.  Result is overstretched immune system incapable of handling attacks on our body anymore. We feel it as chronic fatigue, undefined problems, allergies, inflammation, chronic diseases, etc.

Now, you have the opportunity to beautify your mobile phone or protective mask with a nice detail, and in the same time to prevent further accumulation of electro smog in your body.

Perun PROTECTOR is available in 9 different color combinations. Pick yours!

The protector does not reduce the radiation of the mobile phone and other wireless communication devices, as this will disable them for performing their function. Perun PROTECTOR strengthens and harmonizes the human biofield!

 Love yourself!

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