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Scientifically proven and certified 5G protection

5G radiation is a hot topic right now, isn't it?
Did you know that all the electrical devices you use at home and  working place are sources of non-ionizing electromagnetic (EMF) radiation?


5G network

The most people firstly think on substations, transmission lines and mobile phone base stations, but sourcese of EM radiation are also TVs, refrigerators, water heaters, hair dryers, computers, tablets, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, home electrical installations. .. Try for a moment to imagine your life without these devices. Could you?

Believe  or not, only about thirty years have passed from the 1G network that allowed only voice calls to 5G that is taking the lead with a sure step. During this period, the way of living and working  has changed so much that it is more like scenes from science fiction movies than the everyday life of a few decades ago.


On the other hand, life itself is an electromagnetic phenomenon and we can freely say that we, humans, are electromagnetic beings.


Neuron and EMF field

Biological rhythms, our physical and mental state depend on electrical brain waves. The appropriate biochemical and physiological processes within the body enable the manifestation of the biofield. It is also known as the subtle field or subtle energy. Primarily, it interacts with the coherent oscillations of the endogenous electromagnetic cellular field.

This subtle field also interacts with the Earth's electromagnetic field, cosmic radiation, as well as a broad spectrum of artificially generated electromagnetic radiation.

The adverse effects of these interactions are primarily visible at the level of the biofield, later passing to bodily physiology.

In general, there is a lack of awareness and understanding of the impact that electromagnetic radiation can have on people's health and well-being, precisely because we cannot see or feel it.

Currently, in the process of technological progress, privacy protection is more concerned than potential  health risks.

Have you ever wondered what effect mobile phone radiation has on your body?


Despite the fact that there are numerous scientific  studies on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, for now there is a small number of scientific  studies related to  the influence of device radiation in 5G technology.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) included mobile phone radiation as one of the possible causes of cancer, group 2B IARC PRESS RELEASE N° 208

Here you can find a collection of articles in the period 2018-2021 on the effects of 5G radiotion on population health.

The results of thise studies show that prolonged exposure to the influence of harmful radiation extremely disrupts the energy structure of biological systems and can affect the appearance of various illnesses, both psychomental and physical. Fatigue, dizziness, sleep disorder, slower reaction time, forgetfulness... are cited as symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).



WHO says that over the next fifty years, sleep disorders will be one of the leading causes of many mental and physical illnesses.


Aware that we cannot, nor do we want to renounce the benefit of the achievements of modern technologies and in the desire to use them as safely as possible, we have developed products for protection against non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.  Perun PROTECTOR, certified protection against mobile phone radiation and Perun BIOSPHERA, certified radiation protection devices in 5G technology.


These products are products of knowledge and many years of research related especially to the properties of minerals and the impact of their specific vibrations on the ambient environment and the human body. They combine the wisdom of our ancestors and the most modern science such as quantum physics, frequency therapy, Chinese medicine and many others.


Perun BIOSPHERA, a functional sculpture, provides protection against non-ionizing EM radiation in your living and working space.

Perun BIOSPHERA scientifically proven protection from 5G radiation

Protection against non-ionizing EM radiation of a large areas
Certified protection
Certified protection
Scientifically confirmed protection from 5G radiation in the EU
Contains a mixture of crystals of natural minerals
Intellectual property
Intellectual property
Perun BIOSPHERA is protected intellectual property

The protective effect of Perun BIOSPHERA was confirmed by scientific testing on volunteers in the manner of a clinical trial, by monitoring the physiological parameters of the subjects at the BION Ltd Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.

Every volunteer was be exposed to a working product Perun BIOSFERA or a sham working product of very similar (to be indistinguishable) appearance.

The study involved multiple groups of volunteers in 3 test situations.

  • Perun BIOSFERA 5G protective situation: the testees were be exposed to the influence of mobile phone microwaves and Perun BIOSFERA product: verum product + 5G ON;
  • 5G exposed situation: the testees were be exposed to the influence of the same mobile phone microwaves and were use sham working product: control product + 5G ON;
  • Control situation: the testees were not be exposed to any special influence: control product + 5G OFF


Testing was performed to measure the response of human body of each tested individual, following the values of their different physiological parameters: heart rate – ECG, muscle activity – EMG, body and fingers temperature, skin conductance, breathing etc.
They did several clinical tests with next four common rules:
  • prospectiveness (general criteria for the efficiency of the protector’s activity are determined in advance);
  • placebo effect ruled out (none of the testees should know whether they are exposed to the protector’s influence or not, preferably they did not even know what to expect);
  • double-blind manner (neither the testees, nor the assistant working with them did not know whether he/she was exposed to the real protector or to the control one);
  • randomization (the decisions about control and real tests are made randomly).


Test results have shown that our Perun BIOSPHERA  has  significant protective effect on the human organism. Institute BION which conducted the testing has issued the certificate for protective influence under the number 0702 u 2023.god.


Until now, Perun BIOSPHERA is the only Serbian product with a scientifically confirmed protective influence from  radiation of device in 5G technology.


Perun BIOSPHERA harmonizer of your living and working space


Perun BIOSPHERA  is a wooden sphere filled with a gemstone mixture .


  • It has harmonizing effects on the biofields of all living beings.
  • Radius of action up to 9 m
  • Walls do not interfere with the device's performance.
  • The shelf life is unlimited.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fits into any space.
  • Does not affect the functionality of electronic devices.
  • No harmful side effects.

With Perun BIOSPHERE the human biofield is strengthened and harmonized. The product reduces the negative biological effects of a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It prevents further accumulation of electrosmog in the body and enables the uninterrupted flow of bioenergy through the entire body. Perun BIOSPHERE has a positive effect on the revitalization and regeneration of the organism.



Perun BIOSPHERA creates a healthy and supportive environment

Within the range of protection, you can freely enjoy your favorite devices, but they will no longer negatively affect you.

Do you need radiation protection?

If you have ever been in a situation, thought or said:

  • I have dizziness and headaches.
  • My concentration is bad.
  • I am constantly tired or listless.
  • I suffer from insomnia.
  • I often wake up at night.
  • I have symptoms that I cannot explain.
Then Perun BIOSPHERE is just for you.

Be ready for 5G. Choose the proven and best for you and your loved ones.

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