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Perun PROTECT at the Fair “Knowledge to The Goal” 



Some say that the secret of success is very simple. Dream big dreams.

Some say that you can only imagine for a moment when you have the time, money, knowledge, experience, contacts, resources and everything else you need to achieve what you really want.

And some also say that this is how creativity is born, and then ideas come to life and that is what helps dreams come true.

Now, I don’t know if Ivan and I had the same dream. What I do know is that we dreamed of working and living off what we love. That love first turned into an idea and later we materialized it into a product. We had no idea that in front of the city of Belgrade, the Secretariat for Economy and the National Employment Service, we would have the opportunity to present our product, radiation protection, at the fair “Knowledge to the goal”.

Even if we dreamed this dream, I am not sure that we would dream it like this… Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair from November 23 to 26, 2019, Perun PROTECT stand. It was magical…

A big THANK YOU to everyone who is  part of our dream.


And you, do you allow yourself to dream?


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