nutricionistički pregled

Nutrition examination (60 min)


The beginning of your change starts with nutritional examination, whether you want to regulate your body weight, overcome current health problems or find out which foods are optimal for your body.

Fast and in a comfortable way, you will get accurate information about type of food that is responsible for the possible slowing down of your metabolism, weight gain, bloating, bad mood, as well as which foods your body "loves".

The nutrition examination includes:

  • Conversation with a professional nutritionist-dietitian
  • Complete analysis of your body on the Inbody270 analyzer
  • Intolerance test for food, preservatives, emulgators and additives - over 300 samples
  • Vitamin and mineral test
  • Load testing for Candida spp
  • Bach flowers test
  • Dietary recommendations

Based on body composition analysis from   InBody270, which is medical measuring device, and your wishes, we will set a plan for short-term and long-term goals. In order to set up optimal biochemical processes in your body and to reach the goal without starvation, you will receive recommendation for:

  • dietary plan based on the results from the intolerance test
  • optimal vitamin-mineral supplementation
  • Bach drops

This program will restore the internal balance of your body and it will make you happier.

We advise monthly check-ups on Inbody270 and consultations with a nutritionist, in order to monitor your progress and get possible dietary corrections.

The control examination lasts up to 30 min.


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