Energy centers testing

Check and balance the flow of energy through your energy centers.

Bach flower test

Gently restore the balance between the mind and the body by relieving negative emotions .

Nutrition examination

The most important step on your way to optimal diet, ideal weight or overcoming current health issues.

Analysis of body composition

Accuracy of 98% is correlated with DXA (Double X-ray analysis), gold-standard method.

Testing on BICOM Device

Special testing procedure which provides an opportunity to discover the real causes of your health problems.

Food Intolerance Test

Find out, in the most comfortable way, what food is optimal for your body by the BICOM bioresonance testing.

Fit and Healthy Body

A program tailored just for you. Reach your optimal weight without starvation.

BICOM Treatments

The best way to flush out toxins and other stressors from your body.


Scientifically confirmed and certified protection in the EU from mobile phones radiation.