Certified EMF Protection Sticker

Made in Serbia. Certified in EU.

Human body is a  system, where each cell performs its function perfectly. Due to numerous external and internal factors this function can be disturbed. The first indication that something negatively affects on our body is manifested at the biofield level.
5G, 4G, 3G, 2G cell towers, mobile phones, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi routers, smart watches, wireless headphones and other wireless communication devices are different sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and are invisible “polluters” of our environment. Their activities can lead to the disbalance of human biofield.
International organizations, such as the World Health Organization and the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection, are concerned with the impact of EM radiation on humans.
In the last decades, tens of thousands of scientific articles on this subject have been published. For more information, visit:
Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones


Perun PROTECTOR is a 3D Certified EMF Protection Sticker for Cell Phone. It contains a mixture of crystals of natural minerals in a UV resistant polyurethane resin that meets the high requirements of the RohS standard.
Using Perun PROTECTOR, it strengthens and harmonises the human biofield and reduces the negative biological effects from all forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on the human organism. Perun PROTECTOR provides an undisrupted flow of bioenergy through the whole body and has a positive impact on its vitalization. On top of it protector increases your energy, vitality and enhances body’s natural defences against the damaging non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from all EMF devices.
The protector substantially decreases further accumulation of the electrosmog in the human body caused by excessive exposure to EM radiation.
There are no harmful side effects and will not interfere with your phone’s function or drain the phone’s battery. Our product is optimized for easy application on your electronic devices (laptop/mobile phone/tablet).
Perun PROTECTOR contains a mixture of crystals natural minerals. The shelf life is unlimited.
The protector does not reduce the radiation of the mobile phone and other wireless communications devices. Otherwise devices would not perform their function. Perun PROTECTOR strengthens and harmonizes the human biofield!

Perun PROTECTOR provides protection within a radius of minimum 1m.

Confirmed with the “Certificate of Protective Influence on Human Organism” No. 0250 Bion Institute, Ltd. EU. read more
Perun PROTECTOR is not a medical device and is not a substitute for classical medical therapy.

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