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Perun PROTECTOR u mts prodavnicama

Perun PROTECTOR in mts Stores throughout Serbia


Imagine yourself opening door and seeing a wide smile. Imagine holding a mobile phone that you wanted for a long time and carrying it home, and you bought it on great terms because you have friends.

And friends take care of each other, right?

You don’t have to imagine. Just take a walk to the nearest mts Store. There, in addition to a large selection of mobile phones and accessories, you will also find radiation protection, our Perun PROTECTOR.

Perun PROTECTOR is, for now, the only Serbian product with attested radiation protection from mobile phones, scientifically tested and certified in the EU.

It is a great pleasure to be part of this story.


How are you exposed to cell phone radiation?


Antennas are sources of radiation for mobile phones. With the newer generation devices, they are located inside the device itself, which means that you hold the antenna closer to your head. The closer the antenna is to the body, the more radiation your body absorbs. Also, if the signal is weaker, the phone consumes more energy, which increases the amount of radiation.

For this reason, and in order to reduce exposure, it is recommended that: keep your phone at distance when you are sleeping; for short information use text messages; use the phone where the signal is better; avoid using the phone in basements, elevators, tunels or similar shielded object; keep your phone at distance while you are waiting for connection; use attested radiation protection.


Why is it important to have cell phone radiation protection?


Now imagine your body at birth as an empty glass. During your life, fill your glass with various toxins, additives, heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms, electrosmog… All of them burden the body and any of these loads can lead to spillage of the contents of the glass and as a result, chronic fatigue, undefined problems, allergies can occur, inflammation, chronic diseases …


Now you have the opportunity to use protector to beautify your mobile phone or protective mask with details and at the same time strengthen your biofield and prevent further accumulation of electrosmog in the body.


Make calls safely with Perun PROTECTOR.


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