Protective effect of the Perun protector on human body from the radiation of the mobile phones was confirmed by BION Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. At BION Institute they did several clinical tests with next four common rules:

• prospectiveness (general criteria for the efficiency of the protector’s activity are determined in advance);

• placebo effect ruled out (none of the testees should know whether they are exposed to the protector’s influence or not, preferably they should not even know what to expect);

• double-blind manner (neither the testees, nor the assistant working with them should know whether he/she was exposed to the real protector or to the control one);

• randomization (the decisions about control and real tests are made randomly).

Tests includes monitoring of several physiological parameters (heart rate – EKG, muscle activity – EMG, body and fingers temperature, skin conductance, breathing etc.)

Testing was performed to measure response of human body of each tested individual, following the values of their different physiological parameters. More informations:

Summary report on testing protective influence on human organism against cell phone

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