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Unique and carefully designed nutrition-bioresonance program

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BICOM bioresonance

The best way to achieve
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Special procedure based on the latest achievements of biophysics

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Scientifically confirmed
protection from mobile
phones radiation

Strengthens and harmonizes
human biofield

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Center for Nutrition and Bioresonance


Development and Production of Radiation Protection



Have you ever asked yourself why, despite our affluence and the incredible scientific advances made by man, more and more people are suffering from chronic disorders-and not just adults and older people, but more and more children too?

When you talk about the problems you want to eliminate, you are actually talking and dealing with the consequences without knowing the real cause of the problem, right?

For this reason, in our center, with the BICOM bioresonance method, we give you the chance to discover the real cause of your health problems and to treat them without negative side effects.

Our aim is to help you in the best and in the fastest way

Carefully designed programs for every age:

  1. BICOM bioresonance
  2. nutritionism
  3. protection against non-ionizing radiation

The Story Of Your Health

from a different angle

To make it easier to explain what has influence on the state of your organism, let's imagine the organism at birth as a beautiful empty glass.

During your life, you fill your glass with various toxins, additives, heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms, electrosmog, various radiations ... All of them burden your body and any of these loads can lead to spillage of the contents of your glass and as a result, you safer from chronic fatigue, undefined disorders, allergies, inflammations, chronic diseases and more.

No matter how much you take care, you will agree, we cannot completely avoid these negative influences. Logically, the question follows, how can you discover the causes of the changes and can you empty your glass?

The answer is YES. You can, with the BICOM bioresonance method, a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure which started  new direction in medicine more than 30 years ago and is based on the latest achievements in biophysics. With the BICOM device, you can, in many cases, detect and treat the real, often hidden, causes of the disease. The bioresonance method is a support to the methods of classical medicine. It is completely painless and has no negative side effects.

Empty your glass today.


3 Steps To The Goal

Start Your Journey Today
Step 1<br/><br/><b>Testing</b>
Step 1

Without taking blood and waiting for the results, you will find out what is burdening your body.
Step 2<br/><br/><b>BICOM treatments</b>
Step 2

BICOM treatments
In a safe and efficient way, you return your body to psycho-physical balance.
Step 3<br/><br/><b>Follow the recommendations</b>
Step 3

Follow the recommendations
The key to health and success is in you. We are here to help you reach your desired goal.
The goal<br/><br/><b>Enjoy your health</b>
The goal

Enjoy your health
We want you to feel good and stay healthy

What Clients Say

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Our Unique Programs

for your body in balance


Carefully designed and tested nutrition-bioresonance program.

We are tailoring a diet plan just for you and we are supporting your change process.

The duration of the program is individual and depends on your condition and the desired goal.

BICOM bioresonance

A special bioresonance procedure based on the latest achievements of biophysics.

In many cases, it reveals and treats the real, often hidden, causes of your problems.

Bring your body into psycho-physical balance in safe and efficient way. That is the essence of health.


Protection against mobile phones radiation scientifically tested and certified in the EU.

Strengthens and harmonizes biofield and reduces the negative biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

It prevents further accumulation of electrosmog in your body.

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